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About the Talent Management Community



The Talent Management Community is a membership-based community for all HR practitioners specialising in talent management. It was established to assist talent managers to build their HR capability. The Talent Management Community enables knowledge sharing and contributes to professional effectiveness. By providing relevant and accessible resources, tools and networking opportunities we can help you in solving your professional challenges.  

Who should join?



  • Talent managers

  • Talent coordinators

  • Talent specialists

  • Talent coaches

  • Recruitment managers

  • Recruitment and retention specialists

  • HR professionals

  • Consultants 

  • Line managers (who would like to know more about managing talent effectively)


Our vision



The new world of work is not a future concept. It is a current reality. Macro- and micro factors are pushing organisations to rapidly adopt new ways of working. The Talent Management Community will equip you with specialised knowledge, resources, tools and advice to effectively attract, select, engage, retain, develop and reward talent effectively amidst our current reality. 

Our vision is to build the capabilities and competencies of the talent management fraternity to encompass the new world of work and create better workplaces where employers and employees thrive together.

How will the Talent Management Community benefit you?

Becoming part of the Talent Management Community member demonstrates your commitment to your career and the HR profession. The Talent Management Community will connect you with the right peers and carefully selected resources to help you solve your professional and organisational challenges. As part of the this community you have access to the latest trends and research to help you keep your talent management skills and knowledge up to date. 


Membership benefits include:

  • EXCLUSIVE COMMUNITY: Be part of an exclusive network of talent managers in South Africa.


  • NETWORKING EVENTS: Attend exclusive online networking events where you’ll be able to connect with and learn from senior talent managers and your peers. These include webinars and online discussion sessions.


  • RELEVANT RESOURCES: Unlock carefully-selected resources (articles, videos, presentations, books, tools and more) to help you meet the most pressing challenges in your role. 


  • MEMBER-ONLY DISCOUNTS: As a member you’ll be entitled to a 20% discount on all KR conferences, seminars and workshops, as well as a 20% discount on all KR books.


  • ONLINE DISCUSSION FORUM: Use the online Forum to share ideas, discussions and insights with other talent management professionals.


  • TALENT MANAGEMENT BLOG: Join the conversation online by either contributing an article to the blog yourself or by reading and commenting on recent blog submissions from thought-leaders.


  • CONNECT WITH MEMBERS: You’ll have the ability to connect directly with community members, enabling you to grow your network and reach out to other members to start discussions specific to your unique circumstances.

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